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10 Sep

Why choose a cargo tricycle?

Cargo tricycles, family tricycles, don’t feel like free, and you can greatly expand your freedom of movement through cargo tricycle. Children, dogs, groceries, toys and portable cots; all for cargo tricycles. Nothing can stop a happy day with your family. In addition, every trip to a cargo tricycle is very interesting.

Cargo tricycle advantage:

  1. The safest and most tested cargo tricycle on the market
  2. Light weight 32kg
  3. Safety zone children go to school. The cargo tricycle can hold up to 4 children
  4. Can accommodate 2 adults in the box
  5. Suitable for all seasons, even the cold winter, we have a closed carport. Generally, it can have a life span of more than 20 years.
  6. Riding confidently and easily.
cargo tricycle

cargo tricycle

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