Tern Quick Haul Compact Ebike: Familiar and New at the Same Time

Is the crossing of exclusively human genomes actually still forbidden? Apparently, it is allowed to play around with bicycle genes without the threat of punishment. This is exactly what Tern has now done. And you can do the same as the manufacturer. Imagine throwing the two cargo bikes GSD and HSD into a blender, set it to the highest level – and off you go. Pour the result onto a well-oiled surface and you will see how the mass takes on the shape of the new Quick Haul all by itself.

OK, this has nothing to do with genetic experiments. However, the new compact bike from Tern that has just been unveiled, the Quick Haul, looks like it could have been created in exactly this way. Maybe. ? It combines the robustness and versatility of the GSD with the more compact dimensions of the HSD. The result is a vehicle that the manufacturer presents as an indestructible compact bike for life in urban environments.

Designed for continuous use

In principle, the bike embodies Tern’s definition of a full-fledged city ebike. It can carry less load than the GSD pack mule, but is also more than ten kilograms lighter. Its handlebars cannot be folded down to save space, as is the case with the HSD, but due to the significantly longer head tube it conveys a more balanced riding feel. The front wheel suspension gives way to a rigid fork, which simply requires even less care in daily use. In addition, the Quick Haul inherits the stable bipod stand from the GSD. When zigzagging through the urban jungle, it proves to be an advantage that the wheelbase and overall length of the bike, at 116 centimetres and 172 centimetres respectively, are again oriented towards the agile HSD.

At the same time, this mixture is clearly held together by the Tern DNA. For the wheels, the expert for cargo and folding bikes once again relies on the 20-inch size. The low step-through and the rather upright seating position are also typical. The same applies to the bike’s low centre of gravity, which allows you to manoeuvre safely at all times, even if you have loaded the Quick Haul heavily.

Cargo is of course welcome

The rear carrier is designed to carry most of your luggage. It is not part of the Quick Haul’ s frame, but is mounted separately. With a load capacity of 50 kilograms, the long rear rack called Atlas Q Rack can hold exactly ten kilograms less than the Atlas H Rack of the HSD. The difference to the much more massive carrier on the GSD is even 50 kilograms.

The mount for front racks, the Combo Mount, is identical to the other bikes. Therefore, the maximum front load is 20 kilograms.

New developed Atlas Q Rack rear carrier for loads up to 50 kilograms

Secondary use allowed

Regarding the various carriers, baskets and seating options, Tern has done a great job this time. When the second generation GSD was introduced, one of the few criticisms was that not all accessories from the first generation fitted on the successor. However, whatever utensils you have for a current GSD of the HSD can be used on the Quick Haul without hesitation. The upper deck of the Q Rack with the 4-point mounting system is compatible with everything that Tern has in its range so far. These include, among others:

Tern Clubhouse Mini

Tern Storm Box Mini

Tern Doghouse Mini
Thule Yepp Maxi child seat

Tern Captain’s Chair

Tern Storm Shield Mini

Tern Shortbed Tray

For mounting on the head tube, for example, you can choose one of these three options:

Tern Transporteur Rack

Tern Hauler Rack

Tern Weather Top Bag

Examples for the combination of the Quick Haul with different carriers

A hitch for heavy-duty trailers is aimed more at commercial use. Bolted to the Atlas Q Rack, it is approved for transporting loads weighing a maximum of 150 kilograms. This makes it conceivable to use trailers such as those from Carlo Cargo or Wuppdi. Something similar is already being practised today by some e-bike and e-scooter rental companies. Their employees are on the road with a GSD to which a Carla is attached. They ride through the cities and collect parked vehicles with the trailer.

Typically Tern

Like its brother and sister models, the Quick Haul is also a practical type of. In typical Tern fashion, it can be parked vertically. Only very few of you will want or need to do this on a daily basis. But those who want to leave the bike in one place for a longer period of time might like it, because it saves extra space for other important things.

When moving the bike to and from a certain place, it becomes evident how easy it is to handle – or not. Tern has specially designed a short frame tube running horizontally above the bottom bracket as a carrying handle. With one hand on the handlebar and one on that tube, the Quick Haul can probably be lifted relatively comfortably and carried up or down a step. We can only say for sure once we have had the bike in our hands.

What can already be said for sure is that the height-adjustable handlebars are very useful. Thanks to the speedlifter, you only need to loosen a quick release and can then adjust the handlebars to the optimum height for you. This works in the same way when locking the saddle. According to Tern, the leeway provided in this way should be sufficient for people between 150 centimetres and 195 centimetres tall to find a comfortable riding position.

Speedlifter to adjust the handlebar height without any tools

Less power = more range

In terms of the drive, the HSD serves as a template for the Quick Haul. Two motors from Bosch are installed in the respective models. Especially after the launch of the Bosch Smart System, both the Performance Line and the Active Line Plus don’t exactly pass for being fresh as the morning dew. Nevertheless, both are tried and tested units. The Performance Line is clearly the more powerful of the two, with a torque of 65 Newton metres and a maximum assistance of 300 percent. With a torque of 50 Newton metres and a maximum assistance of 270 percent, the Active Line Plus can’t quite keep up. On the other hand, it requires less power, which is good for the range. You can tell which motor is installed in the models by the full model names. A “P” indicates the Performance Line, a “D” the Active Line Plus.

While we’re on the subject of range – in eco mode, it reaches up to 100 kilometres under ideal conditions without heavy luggage. If you decide to go for a model with the Bosch PowerPack with 500 watt hours, maybe even a little more. If you are perfectly fine with a shorter range, you might prefer the smaller battery with 400 watt hours and save on the price. Either way, the option for a second battery is not available.

Bosch Performance Line one of the available motors
Bosch PowerPack battery with 400 watt hours

Plenty of choice for the drivetrain

When it comes to shifting components, Tern follows a two-pronged approach – and a well-balanced one at that. The model range includes three versions with derailleur gears and three with hub gears. The derailleurs have eight or nine gears. With the Altus and Alivio component groups, the manufacturer tends to reach into Shimano’s lower shelves. The Nexus Inter-5E and Nexus 7, on the other hand, are gear hubs that have certainly earned their place on this type of ebike. In the case of the Nexus Inter-5E, you can choose between versions with and without coaster brake.

For the time being, only four models of the Quick Haul are available on the German market. Tern offers each of them in a maximum of three colours. Prices are expected to start at 2,999 euros at the planned sales launch in the second quarter of this year.

In other European countries, the models look different and are also equipped with other components. If you are looking for a Tern classic like Tabasco red or a trendy colour like Merlot, you will find it in France, for example. Just find out more on the respective country-specific Tern website. The easiest way to get there is from the website ternbicycles.com. There is a menu at the top right of the homepage.

In Germany available colour variants of the Tern Quick Haul

Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Slate
Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Beetle Blue
Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Black
Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Satin Red
Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Midnight

Internationally available colour variants of the Tern Quick Haul

Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Tabasco
Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Blue Gray
Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Olive
Tern Quick Haul 2022 in the colour Merlot

Tern Quick Haul 2022 at a glance

  • Variants: Quick Haul D7i, Quick Haul D9, Quick Haul P5i, Quick Haul P5i RBN
  • Motor: Bosch Performance Line, Bosch Active Line Plus
  • Battery: Bosch PowerPack 500, Bosch PowerPack 400
  • Display: Bosch Intuvia
  • Fork: Tern Cargo
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Nexus 7, Shimano Nexus Inter-5e, Shimano Alivio
  • Brakes: Clarks Clout
  • Weight: around 23 kg
  • Maximum permitted total weight: 150 kg
  • Prices: from 2,999 euros

Pictures: Mobility Holdings Ltd.

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