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15 Jan

Bent wood cargo bike for family

Jxcycle new products coming soon, bent wood cargo bike for family! Jxcycle has been a professional electric bicycle manufacturer for more than a decade. The improvement of cargo bike has always been improved according to the needs of customers. This new cargo bike for family has a curved material and is very good in texture […]

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01 Nov

Lengthened cargobike for family

The biggest advantage of the cargobike design is the greater load capacity and transport capacity than traditional bicycles, such as passengers and groceries. The three-wheeled cargobike is more stable, and the electric cargobike is more labor-saving. On this basis, Jxcycle has made an extended cargo box for the cargobike, which can carry up to 4 […]

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26 Sep

A long john bike,a new life.

Long john bike originated in the Netherlands in the early 20th century and were used by merchants to transport milk, bread and other goods in the absence of cars. There are two basic types of long john bikes: those that put everything behind you, and you put everything in front of you. Putting things in […]

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10 Sep

Why choose a cargo tricycle?

Cargo tricycles, family tricycles, don’t feel like free, and you can greatly expand your freedom of movement through cargo tricycle. Children, dogs, groceries, toys and portable cots; all for cargo tricycles. Nothing can stop a happy day with your family. In addition, every trip to a cargo tricycle is very interesting. Cargo tricycle advantage: The […]

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27 Aug

A family cargo bike,carrying a family!

Our design concept for this family cargo bike is for family travel more fun, more spacious and comfortable. Different from the traditional cargo bike, the vehicle size of the family cargo bike is 2450mm * 850mm * 1100mm, of which the box size is 1200mm*650mm*550mm. Not only can you travel with more than one child, […]

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16 Aug

cargo bicycle built for business

When customers demand more than just family trips and pick-ups, the diverse needs make the cargo bicycle design more interesting. For customers with commercial needs, each of our solutions, each feature is added to the customer’s requirements. Closed cargo box for more storage space; extended extension plate for more operating space; and more powerful motor […]

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02 Jul

2015 Newest Electric Cargo Bike

2015 Newest Electric Cargo Bike In 2015,Jxcycle improved the traditional cargo bike. Frame change into rectangular iron pipe,cargo bike becomes morestable and safe. You can experience the newest cargo bike bring you a different experience. Product Specifications Cargo bike model     :Three Wheels Gears                       […]

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