Revonte One Ebike Motor Close to Series Production

Dinner is served. Revonte has found its partner for the production of its own drive. The Revonte One will go into series production with the help of hGears AG. Whether this will happen at the company’s headquarters in Schramberg, Baden-Württemberg, or at the plant in Padua, Italy, is not clear from the announcement published by Revonte. A concrete date remained open as well.

At the end of 2020, we last provided you with news about the motor with the stepless fully automatic transmission. At that time, the development work was about to be completed. This chapter seems to be closed for the moment and the next steps are taking concrete shape. “After over three years of intensive development work, Revonte One ebike motor is now getting ready for mass production,” says Otto Chrons, CEO of Revonte.

E-MTB prototype with Revonte One drive

Quality and quantity in demand

Due to the complex design of the Revonte One, the circle of suitable candidates was limited to relatively few companies. After all, the motor comprises an integrated stepless planetary gearbox and two different electric motors. One of the two assists while riding, the other provides the desired transmission. This results in a large number of individual parts, each of which has to be manufactured with high precision in order to harmonise with each other in the motor.

In addition to the motor, the ebike system also includes batteries with capacities of 705 watt hours and 520 watt hours.

In addition to the technical demands, the focus was reportedly also on the central question of capacity. According to Revonte, several ebike manufacturers have shown great interest. Accordingly, the Finnish company wants to be well prepared for a potential rapid increase in demand. “We discussed with several experienced manufacturing companies in Europe and hGears came on top thanks to their strong focus on ebikes and ability to manufacture our rather demanding system at scale,” says Otto Crohns.

The Revonte One has been in operation on the EAV Cubed e-cargo bike for some time.

Cars, ebikes and more

Indeed, hGears is considered an expert in the field of e-mobility applications that require high-precision gears and components. The German-Italian company specialises in components such as gears and shafts used in drives for ebikes as well as other electric and hybrid vehicles. Obviously, hGears was able to score points with Revonte with its many years of experience in the automotive sector and its knowledge of electric drive systems.

When smiling connects: Otto Chrons, CEO of Revonte, and hGears Chairman Pierluca Sartello (right).

Despite everything, the company is also breaking new ground with this project. For the first time, hGears is not only responsible for certain parts of an ebike motor, but provides the complete unit. This in no way dims the joy about the deal for Pierluca Sartorello, CEO of hGears: “The deal with Revonte makes us really proud and represents an important milestone on the journey we began seven years ago when we decided to move the company’s focus from manufacturing components for traditional motorbikes and combustion engines, to being a provider of solutions for e-mobility and other electrical applications.”

Multiple reasons for cheer

Actually, things are going well at hGears right now. With Revonte, a new cooperation partner was acquired, and with another, the existing cooperation was extended by several years after the current contract runs until 2024. However, hGears does not reveal who this partner is. There is only talk of “a major e-mobility customer”. The bicycle magazine “Radmarkt” refers to industry insiders and guesses a “leading drive manufacturer from the Stuttgart area”.

Which ebike brand will actually be presenting bikes with the Revonte One in the near future also remains a secret at the moment. It is quite possible that this will change in the context of the upcoming Eurobike in July.


Pictures: Revonte Ltd.

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