Onomotion and DPD: 50 at a Stroke

Now Onomotion and DPD are launching the next stage. The manufacturer of e-cargo bikes and the logistics company want to put 50 more Ono models on the roads. According to a press release, these will be deployed in a total of eight major German cities in the course of 2022. Berlin and Dortmund will be the first. They are to be followed by Dresden, Hamburg, Hamm, Hanover, Cologne and Stuttgart.

Long-term test started in 2021

Up to now, only two Ono have been in service with DPD. Almost exactly a year ago, the company put them into operation as part of a pilot project in Berlin. From a micro depot in the Pankow district, parcels were delivered to the surrounding districts of Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg and Lichtenberg within a radius of five kilometres. The location lent itself to the pilot project because it is in the middle of numerous larger residential areas. To put it somewhat exaggeratedly, the delivery services stop almost in front of every entrance on an ordinary day. With a cargo bike, the last mile can be managed particularly efficiently and environmentally friendly in cases like these. At the same time, the riders can comfortably get through the traffic, do not have to search for parking spaces for a long time and, for their part, do not block the way of other road users.

In addition to the Ono from Onomotion, DPD tested other e-cargo bikes in the pilot project.

Ono fully convincing

DPD’s decision to go on the offensive after the end of the trial phase also shows that Onomotion’s e-bike seems to be an absolutely practical solution. At least that is how the logistics company sees it. “To date, we have had very good experience with the company’s delivery bikes and they have proven their worth in day-to-day delivery operations. Our delivery experts are also very satisfied,” says Gerd Seber, Group Manager City Logistics and Sustainability. A maximum range of 60 kilometres, a cargo box with a capacity of two cubic metres and a cabin with all-round panelling for the riders – perhaps these will be important cornerstones also for the vehicles of other manufacturers in the future.

However, Onomotion is contributing more to the project than “just” the e-cargo bikes. The manufacturer handles the complete maintenance of the bikes, provides comprehensive insurance and guarantees access to the battery exchange stations. In case of the Berlin pilot project, the battery-as-a-service provider Swobbee was responsible for this as a further player. This kind of carefree package will probably have been of some importance in DPD’s decision.

At the battery exchange station at the microhub, riders can take out freshly charged batteries and leave used ones to be recharged.

The beginning has been made

Overall, the expansion of the cooperation between DPD and Onomotion can be seen as a positive sign for those who think in larger dimensions when it comes to cargo bikes – both in terms of the dimensions of the bike and the targeted numbers of units as well. This is why Mathias Drews of Onomotion sees the development as one piece of the puzzle of a much bigger picture. “To meet the Paris climate targets, the eCargobike fleet within Germany must be expanded swiftly and considerably. The decision to build a sustainable last mile is a strong signal for the entire industry and society.”


Pictures: Onomotion GmbH

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