05 Oct

Top 10 auto rickshaw suppliers in china

A auto rickshaw created a popular form of transportation. Their popularity declined as cars, trains and other forms of transportation, which is more widely used in the street. Auto rickshaw forming a tidal wave of clean, quiet and collective transportation. It have found their way into the travel mix of a safety and comfort life […]

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26 Sep

A long john bike,a new life.

Long john bike originated in the Netherlands in the early 20th century and were used by merchants to transport milk, bread and other goods in the absence of cars. There are two basic types of long john bikes: those that put everything behind you, and you put everything in front of you. Putting things in […]

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10 Sep

Why choose a cargo tricycle?

Cargo tricycles, family tricycles, don’t feel like free, and you can greatly expand your freedom of movement through cargo tricycle. Children, dogs, groceries, toys and portable cots; all for cargo tricycles. Nothing can stop a happy day with your family. In addition, every trip to a cargo tricycle is very interesting. Cargo tricycle advantage: The […]

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06 Sep

How to choose a coffee cart supplier?

Jxcycle is engaged in coffee cart research and develop more than 10 years, and we have prepared 4 primary models which fit most clients’ needs. We are focused on quality of the coffee cart, so we choose the best possible materials and equipment on the market. The motor, battery and also other parts have, of […]

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27 Aug

A family cargo bike,carrying a family!

Our design concept for this family cargo bike is for family travel more fun, more spacious and comfortable. Different from the traditional cargo bike, the vehicle size of the family cargo bike is 2450mm * 850mm * 1100mm, of which the box size is 1200mm*650mm*550mm. Not only can you travel with more than one child, […]

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20 Aug

The price of rickshaw in china

The price of rickshaw in china may be lower than one, but Jxcycle, as a manufacturer with ten years of experience in rickshaw production, is very mature from purchasing parts to processing, including cost control and details. Our rickshaws are not only branded tricycles in China, but also widely acclaimed and repurchased overseas because of […]

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16 Aug

cargo bicycle built for business

When customers demand more than just family trips and pick-ups, the diverse needs make the cargo bicycle design more interesting. For customers with commercial needs, each of our solutions, each feature is added to the customer’s requirements. Closed cargo box for more storage space; extended extension plate for more operating space; and more powerful motor […]

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31 Jul

Is it hot to ride a ice cream bike in summer?

Jxcycle has been manufacturing mobile ice cream bike for ten years and has been well-known in many countries and regions for its good reputation and quality. In the hot summer, in order to meet the diversity requirements of customers, in the accessories of mobile ice cream bike, we have recently added a variety of styles […]

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27 Jul

Why choose Jxcycle food bike?

Food bike feedback from Kuwait customers!   Jxcycle food bike advantage : 1.Multifunctional bike can selling different foods; 2.With a rear storage box help you put more stuffs and give you more area for the advertising; 3.Water sink and tap with the electric pump system,you can use the clean water and collect the dirty water […]

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10 Jan


Dear Sir/Madam, Good day!How are you? We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at the VELOFOLLIES 2017 in Belgium from Jan.20th-22nd. We are one of the manufacturers specialized in cargo bike,coffee bike,pedicab rickshaw,ice cream bike,advertising bike,adult tricycle and so on.You also could see our new design bikes on the […]

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