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11 Dec

Hot dog bike | You can’t miss these points!

1.Energy saving

The operation of a restaurant, from dining lighting to cooking and checkout, is not a small amount of electricity. The hot dog bike is operated outdoors and relies entirely on natural light. Not only that, but also one of the biggest problems in the catering industry is food waste. And the hot dog bike’s mobile business simple meal, the diners package indirectly solve this problem.


2. Environmental protection

The construction of the restaurant, the damage to the environment and the staff, everyone knows, and when you think of mobile business, running a food truck also needs gasoline, right? The hot dog bike can be electric or pedal-powered, green and very friendly.


hot dog bike

hot dog bike


3. Share

The biggest advantage of mobile management is mobility, and mobile hot dog bikes will let you build a community and a group of food-loving friends in every business district.


4. Convenient

There are not too many restrictions, you are your own boss, free to choose the food to operate, as well as business location and time, and change at any time.

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