Ca Go FS200 Vario: Pack Donkey Follows Family Vehicle

Among the cargo bikes for transporting children, the FS200 from Ca Go is one of the best you can currently buy. Technologically up-to-date, it stands out from the crowd with some unique details. One example is the raised rear section of the cabin, which is designed to protect the occupants from more serious injuries in the event of an accident. At the Eurobike, the manufacturer has now presented a new version of the bike. This is specifically designed for transporting cargo.

Core made of plastic

While the basic element of the Ca Go FS200 Family is its passenger cabin, the cargo area of the new Ca Go FS200 Vario marks the point of departure for all other builds. It measures 80 centimetres in length and 60 centimetres in width. These are the exact dimensions of half a Euro pallet. Towards the handlebars, a high rear wall limits the area. Towards the small front wheel, there is another wall pointing to the front at an angle, which is somewhat lower. Both walls and the base are framed by aluminium tubes, which Ca Go calls Cross-Bars.

Inside, the cargo area of the Ca Go FS200 Vario offers space for a total of half a Euro pallet.

As a material for the cargo area, Ca Go once again uses a foamed plastic. The manufacturer already proved its competence in handling such materials on the box for the Ca Go FS200 Family and worked with a particle foam made of expanded polypropylene. The cargo area is made of Foamlite, which makes it light and at the same time enormously mechanically resilient. The material is also recyclable. You can see several small recesses in the surface. They hold hooks or can be used to thread straps through. Everything you need to reliably stow the goods to be transported on them later. You can attach optionally available side walls to the Cross-Bars with the help of clamps. The part that protrudes beyond the front and rear walls is suitable for mounting accessories. It is approved for a maximum load of ten kilograms.

The side walls made of Foamlite can be attached to the outer rails of the cargo platform with clamps.

Organisation is a must

Even more fixed points are created with additional aluminium tubes that extend from the rear Cross-Bars to the front ones. These Top-Rails provide a first limitation of the cargo area towards the top. Depending on what you are transporting, they prevent your cargo from tipping over or give you the option of securing it additionally with nets and straps. Both of the Top-Rails, which are available in a set of two, can withstand a load of ten kilograms each.

Cross-Bars and Top-Rails are made of aluminium.
Both stabilise the payload and the cargo area at the same time.

To prevent smaller items from sliding off the cargo platform while riding, we recommend using the aforementioned side walls. One step further, Ca Go goes with the Organiser-Set. This flexible plug-in system enables you to divide the cargo area into small boxes, on which the only thing missing is a lid. You can insert a total of four partitions, each about ten centimetres high, to suit your needs. This is probably worthwhile for people who regularly want to transport accordingly large items from A to B.

The Organiser-Set requires the flat side walls.

Wrapped in fabric

The FS200 Vario is rounded off, in the sense of being closed off from the outside, by the Vario Soft-Set. Side walls made of hard-wearing and weather-resistant fabric, the Soft-Walls, turn the cargo area into a box, so to speak. With the Soft-Top on top, everything stays nice and dry. You simply click the all-round protection onto the aluminium tubes. If you only need the side walls, you can even choose them separately.

Enclosed by the Soft-Set, the cargo is protected against wind and weather.

Mix of variety and uniformity

Ca Go sorts out this colourful mix of accessories with four predefined equipment variants. The first is the FS200 Vario. Apart from the cargo area, it only has the Cross-Bars fitted as standard. Everything else can be added as individual parts as desired. This most flexible of all solutions starts at 7,490 euros. The FS200 Vario EX comes with an additional rear carrier. If you also want the Top-Rails and the Organiser-Set, you have found your way to the FS200 Vario Open-Pro. The top model, the FS200 Vario Cover-Pro, comes with the Vario Soft-Set – and a bank balance of at least 8,290 euros to be able to pay for the bike.

Ca Go FS200 Vario EX
Ca Go FS200 Vario Open-Pro
Ca Go FS200 Vario Cover-Pro

What they all have in common is the convincing technical equipment that is already familiar from the Ca Go FS200 Family. This includes the cable steering with double cable guide, a kickstand that is raised by a gas pressure spring, a lockable battery compartment, the Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line motor with its 85 Newton metres of torque, the automatic stepless hub gears from Enviolo in combination with the belt drive from Gates and Supernova’s M99 front light with the high beam. The price of this cargo bike has to come from somewhere, and the high-quality components are one of the main reasons why. In return, you get one of the most sophisticated Longjohn cargo bikes the market has to offer in autumn 2022.

Ca Go FS200 Vario cargo bike at a glance

  • Variants: FS200 Vario, FS200 Vario EX, FS200 Vario Open-Pro, FS200 Vario Cover-Pro
  • Motor: Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line
  • Battery: Bosch PowerTube 625
  • Display: Bosch Kiox
  • Drivetrain: Enviolo Automatiq
  • Brakes: Magura CMe
  • Maximum payload cargo area: 70 kg
  • Maximum permitted total weight: 225 kg
  • Price: from 7,490 euros

Pictures: Ca Go Bike GmbH

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