Bergamont Cargobox LJ Alloy: Thinking about the Box

With the gradual easing of Corona regulations, a bit of normality is slowly returning to the cycling industry. An unmistakable sign of this are the first trade fairs that are now opening their doors again. One of these doors opened in Berlin on the last weekend in March, giving way to the 2022 edition of Kolektif. Among our discoveries on site was a new cargo box for the for the E-Cargoville LJ from Bergamont.

The E-Cargoville in the version of a Longjohn is one of a total of three cargo bikes that the manufacturer currently has in its range. The basic version has a flat load platform. This is made of 3-fold cross-laminated bamboo panels. So far you have been able to buy a number of accessories for this bike. From weather protection for transporting children, to various nets for securing the cargo, and luggage bags of different sizes, to a wide variety of rear carriers, basically everything was available.

Standardised size

Now comes a large transport box with a lid. Bergamont calls it the Bergamont LJ Alloy Box. The name is almost a short description of the product. The design quickly reveals that the box was developed explicitly for the E-Cargoville LJ. Its shape consistently follows the contours of the bicycle frame and thus makes use of every available centimetre of space. This results in a loading volume of 200 litres. Translated into Euro boxes, this means: at least two boxes with the dimensions 60 centimetres long, 40 centimetres wide and 32 centimetres high or at least eight boxes with the dimensions 40 centimetres long, 30 centimetres wide and 13.5 centimetres high.

Transport box Bergamont LJ Alloy loaded
Empty, the box offers all the freedom to store things.

The box is mounted on the actual platform, the load unit in Bergamont jargon, with the help of screws. This means firstly that it is securely integrated on the bike and secondly that you can remove it if you wish. In our opinion, the latter is a great advantage because it allows you to equip the cargo bike specifically for the task at hand. What you need is a place to store the box while it is not attached to the bike.

Black. Light. Robust.

Apart from that, the Bergamont LJ Alloy Box leaves a more than stable impression. Made entirely of aluminium, it opens up a void inside that is not separated by any compartments or shelves. So you can stuff, squeeze, squash or just skilfully stack as much as you like. To keep everything in place during the journey, the lid can not only be closed but also locked. It is pleasantly easy to open, as Bergamont has installed practical pneumatic springs that make the process easier. Weather doesn’t play a big role in the construction anyway. As long as there is no hurricane outside, everything inside should stay dry at all times.

Box with a catch

However, so much good news is followed by two of a less pleasant kind. Firstly, the transport box is only available for the large load unit of the E-Cargoville LJ. The smaller one with a length of only 50 centimetres is left out for now with this accessory. Secondly, Bergamont is charging a considerable price for the box. At 999.95 euros, the manufacturer remains at best symbolically below the 1,000 euro mark. As a reminder: the cheapest version of the cargo bike costs about 5,000 euros. Not everyone is willing to invest another twenty per cent of the purchase price in such a build. With this offer, Bergamont itself is also aiming more at commercial users. Given the price alone, this seems realistic.

Pictures: Bergamont Fahrrad Vertrieb GmbH

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