Accessories for Tern GSD Gen 1 and Gen 2: What is compatible with what?

Update 16th September 2021: All information on the new accessories regarding Tern GSD and Tern HSD for the 2022 season you can find here.


One of the major advantages of the GSD e-bike from Tern is the variety of its accessories. There are an immense number of small, medium and larger add-on parts with which you can adapt this bike even better to your requirements. With so many parts to choose from, it’s not easy to keep track of them all. That’s why you’ll find decisive answers here to the question of what is actually compatible with what:

  • Which accessories fit exclusively on a current GSD of the second generation (Gen 2)?
  • What is limited to the models of the first generation (Gen 1)?
  • Which parts are suitable for all bikes released so far?


1. Accessories exclusively for Tern GSD Gen 2
2. Accessories exclusively for Tern GSD Gen 1
3. Accessories compatible for Tern GSD Gen 1 + 2

In 2017, Tern introduced the first of these compact e-cargo bikes. The second generation of the GSD followed in 2020. In addition to technical innovations, there were also changes to the rear part of the frame. Frame tubes were made wider and partly longer, so that the entire construction appeared significantly more robust. With regard to large parts of the accessories, the enlargement of the luggage rack was particularly decisive. The increase of six centimetres meant that not everything that could be attached to the GSD Gen 1 could fit on the GSD Gen 2 at the same time. The support for panniers or passengers’ feet, already included in the new rack, also provided a new starting point.

1. Accessories exclusively for Tern GSD Gen 2

Especially among the newer accessories you will find accessories that you can only use on the GSD Gen 2. The most prominent representative is the relatively recent “Clubhouse Fort”. The complete set is more or less a luxury cabin that primarily protects passengers from adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain and cold. The system includes:

  • “Clubhouse+” seat bench
  • “Storm Shield” canopy
  • “Storm Box” soft top
  • “Sidekick Wide Decks” platform extension

Tern Clubhouse Fort

If you want to use this protection carefree and to the full extent, you can only do so on the latest version of the GSD. Parts of it can – with a few tricks if necessary – also be fitted to a bike of the first generation. However, this does not apply to all of them and is sometimes associated with limitations. This refers to the “Storm Shield” and “Storm Box”. You can read more about this in the section “2. Accessories exclusively for Tern GSD Gen 1”.

Tern Storm Shield

Tern Storm Box

Special platform for latest GSD models

The mounting of the “Sidekick Wide Decks”, on the other hand, is completely out of the question. You will only benefit from the large 4.7″ deck for feet or luggage on the GSD Gen 2. Among the useful new things for this cargo bike are the extensions for the Atlas bipod stand. With the so-called Lockstand Extensions, you increase the support surface with which a GSD finds stability on the ground when parked. Especially if you regularly transport heavy things or often ride with two children on the carrier, you will quickly learn to appreciate this feature. Unfortunately, it is only compatible with the new GSD models.

Tern Sidekick Wide Decks

2. Accessories exclusively for Tern GSD Gen 1

Once a first generation, always a first generation is the motto for a few add-on parts. From our point of view, this only really hurts with the “Clubhouse” seat bench. The predecessor of the “Clubhouse+” also has a railing and corresponding seat pads. However, it is shorter and narrower than its pedant with the extra plus. That’s why it can’t really be attached firmly and securely to the GSD Gen 2. Therefore, Tern clearly advises against this combination.

Tern Clubhouse

Tern Clubhouse+

Furthermore, you cannot transfer the “Sidekick Foot Guard” from the old to the new GSD. In this case it’s only half as bad. After all, the GSD Gen 2 comes standard with a full-length spoke guard that effectively prevents anything from getting caught in the upper half of the rear wheel. The previous accessories also included the “Sidekick Foot Pegs” and the “Sidekick Lower Deck” pannier support. Both have become more or less obsolete with the model change. The revised luggage rack has a fully-fledged footboard integrated. In principle, this fulfils the tasks that the two previously mentioned add-on parts had.

Tern Sidekick Foot Guard

Tern Foot Pegs

Tern Sidekick Lower Deck

3. Accessories compatible for Tern GSD Gen 1 + 2

Some of Tern’s limitations may leave you a little frustrated. But in other places the face brightens up again. For example, with “Clubhouse+”. As a new base for child seats, etc., it too has undergone a few updates. The new lines, for example, now allow two Thule Yepp Maxi child seats to be mounted one behind the other. And the good news is: “Clubhouse+” also fits on the luggage rack of a GSD Gen 1. So, anyone who rides such a bike and has not yet purchased a seat can go straight for the newer version.

However, this should be carefully considered. If you want to use the new “Storm Shield” and “Storm Box” on an older GSD, you will need the old “Clubhouse”. Tern explains why this does not work with a “Clubhouse+” on a Gen 1 model with the problems that such a combination brings with it. For example, “Storm Shield” does not offer enough headroom, especially for taller passengers. The opening and closing of the roll-up windows is impaired and can damage other accessories.

A diversion to the goal

With regard to “Storm Box”, the frame design of the Gen 1 sets certain limits. Those who try their luck on the straight and narrow will probably be dissatisfied with the result. Not taut enough and always warping will be the verdict. Help comes somewhat surprisingly from Tern itself. On its homepage, the manufacturer describes how the adaptation to the older GSD can succeed after all.

  1. Install the “Clubhouse” and the “Sidekick Lower Decks”.
  2. Align the “Storm Box” above the “Clubhouse” so that its bottom rests on the “Sidekick Lower Decks”.
  3. Attach the connection pieces inside the “Storm Box”. Close the long and short tongues at the front of the “Storm Box”.
  4. The short tongues at the back do not help with this assembly. Just fold them down to keep them out of the way.
  5. Secure the “Storm Box” with the tie-down strap and pull it tight. It acts like a belt and holds the “Storm Box” in place. After tightening the strap, the protrusions will appear on the “Clubhouse” where you can attach both the “Kid Lid” and “Cargo Lid”. Be sure to use the tie-down strap. Without it, it is not possible to use the “Storm Box” safely and properly.
  6. Optional: Close off both front panels of the “Storm Box” with the zip ties. This gives passengers with larger feet additional heel room. The inner pocket of the “Storm Box” will suffer. It will become smaller and you will lose some storage space.
  7. Attach the tongue on the bottom of the “Storm Box” to the “Sidekick Lower Decks”.

This is how you mount the Storm Box on the GSD Gen 1

Luggage solutions easier to exchange

Adding another seat, on the other hand, goes completely smoothly. You can easily mount the “Captain’s Chair” on the GSD – regardless of the year of construction. The largest seat pad “Sidekick Seatpad” is also suitable for every model. Since the dimensions for the seat posts on both generations of bikes are identical, the two holders that passengers can hold on to with their hands during the ride can also be attached without any problems. These are the “Sidekick Bars” and the “Sidekick Joyride Bars”.

Tern Captain’s Chair

Tern Sidekick Bars

Tern Sidekick Seatpad

Tern Sidekick Joyride Bars

And the continuity in certain details also pays off in other places. You can swap any accessory that is attached to the front of the head tube back and forth between the respective generations without hesitation. Of course, Tern has retained its Combo Mount. Luggage racks like the “Hauler Rack” and the “Transporteur Rack” can therefore be attached to the head tube of every GSD.

Tern Hauler Rack

Tern Transporteur Rack

The same level of flexibility is found in numerous carriers and bags for the large rear rack. The “Shortbed Tray”, the “Market Basket” as well as the luggage carrier bags “Cargo Hold Panniers” and “Cargo Hold 52 Panniers” care little whether you want to use them on a GSD Gen 1 or a GSD Gen 2.

Tern Shortbed Tray

Tern Cargo Hold Panniers

Tern Market Basket

Tern Cargo Hold 52 Panniers

Pictures: Tern

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