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02 Jul

2015 Newest Electric Cargo Bike

2015 Newest Electric Cargo Bike


In 2015,Jxcycle improved the traditional cargo bike. Frame change into rectangular iron pipe,cargo bike becomes morestable and safe. You can experience the newest cargo bike bring you a different experience.

Product Specifications

Cargo bike model     :Three Wheels

Gears                         :7 Speed Derailleur

Number of children  :Standard for 2-4 toddlers

Dimensions Bike       :Length 217 cm – width 88 cm – height 110 cm

Dimensions Box        :Length 90 cm – width 58 cm – height 53 cm

Tyre size                     :26 * 2.125 inch rear wheel and 20 * 2.125 inch front wheels

Load                            :Up to 100 kg

Brakes                        :Shimano roller brakes rear, drum brakes front

Lock                            :Abus ring lock

Spokes / Rims            :Extra sturdy spokes

Lights                          :LED lights front (two headlights) and one rear light

Frame                          :Extra sturdy frame provided with shockproof powder coating

Type of Motor / Battery :Motor: 250W 24V Maintenance free battery: 24V 10A lithium-lonpolymer

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